SciFriday with Derek & Sharon Gilbert

Each episode of Alaska Missionaries will take the viewers on a journey with us through an entire summer camp schedule. From the early summer preparations at our home base in North Pole, Alaska to the return in late summer, these episodes will take you on a trek driving through back roads, navigating rivers and the challenges off the grid.

Viewers will experience:

  • the hardships of remote travel and transporting supplies to camp
  • real camp cooking and the preparation of wild game
  • epic boating and small flight travel
  • construction of camp buildings and volunteer teams
  • dedicated people of faith giving their all to make a difference

With breathtaking scenery, adventurous landscapes and down to earth personalities, this Alaskan show just might become your family favorite!

Ron & Yolanda Pratt

Ron & Yolanda Pratt

Pastor Ron & Yolanda Pratt are in their...
Name: Ron & Yolanda Pratt

Pastor Ron & Yolanda Pratt are in their 4th decade of ministering to young people. Their unique intensity and passion for the lost are displayed in their commitment as well as the application of their ministry to others. Discipleship is much more than a buzzword to them, it is the foundation of their focus, purpose, and destiny.

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