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nd Times Investigations with David Heavener

Prophetic Investigator David Heavener delivers cutting edge topics that people want to learn about but the church is reluctant to teach. Guests include Derek Gilbert, Frank Turek, J. Warner Wallace, John Ramirez, and the late Russ Dizdar and Irvin Baxter.

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David Heavener

David Heavener


David Heavener is a seasoned Hollywood filmmaker...
Host: End Times Investigations with David Heavener

David Heavener is a seasoned Hollywood filmmaker who has written, directed, produced and starred in over 50 motion pictures, with Hollywood greats such as Academy Award such as Martin Landau and Tony Curtis. His movies have premiered on HBO, Showtime and major TV networks worldwide.

Throughout his music and film careers encountering victims of demonic attacks, SRA, trafficking, programming and the New Age, David now focuses his ministry on exposing and destroying the works of the dark side.

David’s new DVD End Times Investigations features 8 hours of interviews with experts disclosing what believers need to know.

Father of six, papa of two, and happily married, David’s favorite past time is watching Little House on the Prairie re-runs with his family.

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