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Pure Gold with Pastor Steven

Pure Gold is the television outreach of Apostle Steven Brooks. Each message is packed full of faith, igniting a release of miracles, breakthroughs and dream fulfillment in the life of the listener.

Apostle Steven continually reveals the eternal principles of God’s word that when put into practice brings good success and sweet victory. Many supernatural subjects are taught in-depth such as angelic encounters, visions, gifts of the Holy Spirit, deeper levels of prayer and how to operate in signs, wonders and miracles.

Each program carries the anointing of God’s Spirit to move the believer into the mature image of Christ.

Apostle Steven Brooks

Apostle Steven Brooks


Apostle Steven is known around the world as a...
Host: Pure Gold

Apostle Steven is known around the world as a prophetic revealer of spiritual realities. He has a remarkable ability to teach God’s Word in a clear and straightforward way, making it easy for all to understand. His ministry is marked by miracles and notable demonstrations of the Holy Spirit which brings a refreshing joy to the hearer. His half-hour television program Pure Gold reaches over 1 billion souls each week. Along with his wife Kelly they travel throughout the world ministering the love and goodness of God.

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