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Wealth Transfer with Terry Sacka

Wealth Transfer News was created to bring truth to the kingdom by protecting and preserving our future through education and news. We understand how the political elite have devised a system that transfers wealth from the innocent to the wicked so we aim to reverse that process through strategic education and to put “we the people” back in charge of our wealth and our future. Hosted by Terry Sacka

Terry Sacka

Terry Sacka


Terry Sacka is the...
Host: Wealth Transfer News

Terry Sacka is the Chief Strategist and Analyst for Cornerstone Asset Metals. His show, Wealth Transfer News, is a syndicated television and radio broadcast shown across the United States on PTL Network, WHT, FETV cable and other Christian television networks and stations where they teach biblical principles, global economics and protecting and preserving your family, ministry and churches wealth.

Sacka is an Accredited Asset Management Specialist with multiple financial
accreditations in financial advisory and natural resources formerly through AG
Edwards. He was a United States Army specialist with a NATO Secret clearance in
nuclear warfare along with a national defense medal from Iraq. His experience with
global mining and applied world economics gives him a unique view of the REAL and
deceptive global state of affairs and an outside perspective on the egregious
violations to our constitutional framework.

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